why didn't steve downs get custody

HUGE conflict of interest. They made her out to be a monster, but in Beckys case, it becomes redeemable. Hi Nanette, it is not a matter of being gullible. Im not arguing the facts of the trial, and Im not about to. So Mark, where are you from? She then went through the State (Circuit) Court habeas corpus relief for four years to no avail. I bet the records are and always have been sealed regarding this aspect of the case. He separated from his wife and was going to follow Diane who, by now, had decided to move and work in Oregon to be closer to her parents. No forensic evidence pointing to her, just conjecture based on how mothers should act. Except after the idea was subsequently planted in his head only to be alluded to in court, in spite of an agreement to never mention the subject. I dont know how familiar she was with the area, but I do not think that it matters anyway. Fingerprints at the crime scene were not produced by the State. Within three weeks, Diane had lost custody of her remaining wounded children and had become the number one suspect in the eyes of the police department and District Attorneys office. As Ms. Patterson left the stand, Diane complained to her attorney that Ms. Patterson had lied under oath. He needed, now more than ever, to vacate the area asap. They are set in stone and people refuse to see it any other way. James C. Jagger who was hired by Dianes father was an ex-Prosecutor. Why doesnt the innocent project get involved with her case. They were the small sacrifices. She even provided the police with her own sketch. You left and you and Diane Downs spent an evening at a motel? So, were there any other attempted carjackings in the area that night? They rarely get a break. Of course. It seems that everyone commenting just knows shes guilty, like you say. Comments about the title of the website, the blogger, the bias, details like the word bipolar and when it was used when cyclothymic disorder was diagnosed by the person who treated the subject and there is an affidavit posted. Their marriage was described as tumultuous, with Downs allegedly disappearing for long periods of time with her children. In the moment of who shot youmy momhave a hard time believing that could be coached. It simply states the facts of the case. Inside, outside, top to bottom. She never mentioned that before, and she doesnt mention the FBI agents name. So how she behaved at the time, should not have been a factor influencing the authorities. And in fact this would have been about the time that Charlene broke a bottle of liquor that you had. Every time, she said she did not know, they told her to think again and made suggestions. I will not remove anything. I dont know either if she is guilty or not, but I believe there is a reasonable doubt surrounding the circumstances. But as usual, it was slanted in the worst possible way. Ann Rule has always been sensationalist, and her books were almost unreadable at the end of her publishing days. Even if I have no doubt that Hugi loved the kids, we have to wonder why he adopted them two years later just when little Christie started saying she had no clue who shot them. I hope she is granted parole. I do not know what happened on Old Mohawk Road on that dark evening, but I know that they did not have enough evidence totry andconvict Diane Downs. Also, aside from her original mental state, which may or may not excuse her aloofness (doesnt prove shes a killer by the way! They are still part of their birth family. The weird behavior (laughing and joking in the shooting reenactment), bullets found at her home and the constant changing of her story only is icing on her guilty cake. Do you remember it would have been around say November 19th of 82 that you would have left Charlene at one time? Actor Robert Blake was found not guilty of the shooting murder of his wife. Just state that at the beginning of the blog. She did diagnose her as suffering from cyclothymic disorder and treated her accordingly. You are wondering about the question why didn't steve downs get custody but currently there is no answer, so let kienthuctudonghoa.com summarize and list the top articles with the question. What about the judge stopping a defendant from getting a new attorney? Mrs. Fredericksons concern for her daughters emotional state was well placed. Open ended sentences like this are meant to provide a means of control and public safety when considering dangerous offenders who may pose a continued risk to the public. Its more boring to tell the truth and the readers might not have flocked to read a fair story without no real heroes and villains. Below this letter see links to Salem-News.com articles about the questionable conviction of Diane Downs. She managed to jump in the car after getting shot in the arm. then later you ask how diane didnt have any blood splatter on her when she was inside the car when she shot her kids??? The Cinemaholic reports that Steve was often known for being immature and irresponsible, something that didn't see their rekindled relationship get off to the best start. As far as Hugi is concerned, it was a total conflict of interest. Everything was in the bag and ready for trial. Regardless of the facts you point out, there is no doubt in my mind that Diane Downs is guilty. I think that looked at through a more objective lens, many aspects of the Downs case are highly questionable. It is beyond belief that the State of Oregon allowed the prosecutor to adopt those children. When I hear some people say that they would have liked to smack that smirk off Dianes face when she interacted with the cops or the media, I sayreadthis to understand accounts of people laughing at the wrong time and how it is related to their personality disorder. Id like to challenge some of the bloggers claims. Thank you Lise. Some cases are so one sided that you feel like exposing or at least, discussing the other side. Either way he could NOT have seen who shot him unless he has eyes in the back of his head. 6. The US is a very strange bird when it comes to crime and punishment. Guilty or not, the case was handled with prejudice and many errors occurred. Phenobarbital was administered alongside the Dilantin. In fact, Diane had consulted a psychologist after the tragedy and after months of consultation, she was never diagnosed as a sociopath. "We are obviously disappointed at the verdict. Blood spatter is not an exact science, and is interpreted differently by experts. Oh 1 more thing I see a lot of comments on pro Diane web sights that say well she drove them to the hospital. Their goal was to make Dian look crazy, because sane people dont shoot their children. Page 6 of Case History. There is also a recording where she says that she had no idea who shot them. I saw footage of Diane herself laughing during the re-enactment of the crime. Diane was cooked the minute she walked in that courtroom. Not speculative? Click to read The Case of Liysa Northon Who Said True Crime Does not Pay? After asking her to have an affair, he kept vacillating between his wife and her. I am not her advocate, but I think she did not get due process. At the time Diane had told police that a stranger attempted to carjack her and shot the kids, and that's what her ex husband was told, too. If she was the shooter, it had to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. The prosecutor would gently shake his head and the good judge would follow with a ruling. Nevertheless, what was done seemed out of our hands and we could have no contact with them at all. Surely before Diane downs, there were other mothers who killed their kids..or allegedly did, however in 83 and 84 it made national news, nothing quite like it had come across the media world, which during that decade was really skyrocketing in sensationalismI believe is where it started, becoming less news and more entertainment. Detective Welch reminded Diane of the assault her sister witnessed in February 1983, in which steve Downs broke Dianes tailbone (Appendix 74, page 1025). lol. In fact, if someone was Hungry like the Wolf in this courtroom, it was a certain crime author who could already smell and taste the fortune coming her way after the publication of this juicy story. I think she was the only one there that night with her children. When Dianes youngest daughter, who was adopted after being taken away by the state, found out who her real mother was and decided to reach out to her, the media and Rule grabbed hold of her to promote their agenda. Her 7-year old daughter Cheryl died but her 3-year old son Danny and her 8-year old daughter Christie survived. Lise do you know if the kids have ever reached out to the grandparents/family in the last few years? The bushy haired stranger that police had gotten a lead on worked at the country club he was at work at that time and had a sever speech impediment. Yes, I had to go and sign the lease, yes, sir. She was not given one inch of presumption of innocence. The reason she is likely locked up is because she was diagnosed with narcissistic, histrionic and anti social personality disorder, that makes her a very dangerous person (especially since she is a murderer). I was shocked any asked why she thought that. They are the ones who considered Dianes children as Small Sacrifices. In Oregon, in 1983, she shot her 3 children, 1 daughter died. Right after her first surgery, The Detectives were adamant that they HAD to have Diane right then to recreate the incident- unless of course, you have something to hide. Clickhere to read about faulty ballistics. For the children to be legally free for adoption a termination of parental rights had to occur. But there was a lot left unsaid about this relationship. (This is why Foote was assigned the case. According to Oregon law, this would have to be supported by a psychiatrists report or a Wardens letter and Diane provided both. Leaving out a lot of info that should be included and presenting a very one sided take on these things. He could then have initiated the licensing process to foster and then adopt the children. I find it interesting for you to observe this because it should be more scientific and empirical today than it was in the 80s, but is it really? Barry Sheck and bis crew of investigators should get involved. What was the justification? On her way to the hospital,she was followed by someone who said she was going slow, but Diane said she was driving fairly fast. Once you are vilified in the media in the US, the way Downs and others have been, a lot of people shut their eyes and their mind to any other possibility than what was presented in the court of public opinion. There were good reasons to look at this mother, but the detective admitted on the stand that they stopped looking at anyone else after two weeks and the stranger on the road became a joke. Knick had NOT signed the premarital agreement, but that didnt stay his pursuit of Diane, knowing she was moving 1200 miles away. Also, I agree he does look a little like the actor who played Fred Hugi but I think it might be a coincidence. Carol Kirkwood shared an insight into her recent holiday to Norway with fianc Steve Randall on Wednesday as she shared their first social media post together.. We will never know what really happened because the authorities acted too hastily and the media was a huge hindrance. But the birth of little Danny did not make this bad boy change his stripes; he remained a cad and a destabilizing force in their lives. The detectives took Diane to the crime scene and were able to retrieve shell cases on the ground where the incident happened. In fact, Diane had consulted a psychologist after the tragedy and after months of consultation, she was never diagnosed as a sociopath. Was that Annes fault as well? The bitches own daughter identified Downs as the shooter. Modernism mixed with Medieval state of mind. Besides, none of those diagnoses are illegal. You were not there and one thing I have learned about high profile cases, is that you cannot always believe what the media, biased detectives and Ann Rule have to say. A number of them were clearly . I must humbly admit that I had not questioned the facts of the case before readily accepting this image of Diane as a cold blooded killer. Did u learn nothing?? They now have social media arenas reminiscent of the Romans cheering at the sight of a thumb down meaning there will be a bloodshed. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. He had an attorney, Fred G. Campbell Jr., send us a letter denying our request and telling us: You are legally, as well as factually, a stranger to them. Who does he think he is? All of it is explained in the blog you didnt bother reading. The men in her life were in no shape or form called on their irresponsible or wild behavior. Because Foote was already familiar with the case, the presiding judge assigned him the murder trial after Downs was charged with the shootings. Years later, seven witnesses signed affidavits telling of a man named Jim Haynes continuing confessionthat he wasthe shooter, and his appearance boresimilarities to the sketch. I personally dont think she is innocent but that isnt the point. It no longer matters as far as the verdict, she was found guilty, but why no parole? They believed the testimony of her former boyfriends who were far from stellar individuals. If you are not bothered by lack of due process and a prosecutor making up psychiatric labels and adopting kids from a defendant or a judge who gets promoted from family court to criminal court to hang Diane, I am sure bothered by it. In the nurses notes, she is described as in shock and unable to grasp the situation. Yes, dad relinquished his rights but he knew that they loved their grandparents and had allowed Diane to take them for a visit without telling the authorities. The chief prosecutor adopting the children beggars belief! Conflict of interest on steroids!! Women who were somewhat normal begore, get pregnant, have the baby, then drown it a toilet, kill or beat the the baby in the first year..shaking or other means..its less often then notbut better believe these type of cases are reported constantly now on social media. The DA adopting the children is an integral part of this and definitely needs to be included in the blog. I think DD is guilty, but I also think her trial was far from due process, and that is the important issue. Christie NEVER said she didnt know who did it she was just unwilling or afraid to tell on her mother. It seems that a lot of what was written down never came up during testimony and some nurses even strayed from the original content. The two mental disorders that cause excessive talking are Bipolar Disorder and Schizophrenia. Inflammatory and speculative 2. Dianes injury had to be quite painful and shewas in shockwhile driving to the hospital and accompanying the detectives to the crime scene. So when Dr. George Suckow from the Oregon State Hospital in Salem was called as a States rebuttal witness and he made a professional diagnosis of Diane as histrionics, antisocial and narcissistic, he openly said in court that he interviewed Diane for 1 hour and read evidence presented by the state to make his diagnosis. But why was the judge in family court hopping over to criminal court? They claimed to have found two lead cartridges in Dianes rifle at home that supposedly matched the ones used during the crime. You are right. I was curious as to what these requirements were, as I have not seen these online. Bear in mind, that arm consisted of two SHARP bones, cutting at nerves and muscle (1 of bone had been blown out of the arm when the bullet shattered it, leaving three jagged holes in the flesh, out of which bulged torn muscle, and two wedge shaped bones facing each other like dueling swords). I didnt know that. They should have had ongoing contact and been placed with family as soon as they were out of the hospital and they never should have been interviewed without their own attorney (Guardian ad Litem) present. If you shoot at least 6 inches from a victim, you see what is around you in the car. There are documented cases of suicides where the person has no GNR, as well as murder cases. The most frequent remarks I hear about the case when confronted by the state misconduct and the lack of evidence are gut feelings I dont buy it Shes guilty She did it I know she did it Her story makes no sense Shes evil Shes crazy. It had to be her.. I am just curious. In the spring of 1986, Christie confided to school mates that shed been coerced to lie in court, to implicate her mother (Appendix 1-2). If you had commented on one of the elements contained in the blog, it might have been enlightening. I was always really bothered by that. Ffs maybe u should go back to writing screenplays. Whats wrong with the system is whats wrong with us. They did not like her attitude and she did not behave the way they expected a grieving mother to act. They now throw people in prison in the US for debts. Diane wanted to wait for her daughter to feel better, be accompanied by an expert and have the meetings taped? Mr. These are no facts its partial truths and conjecture. Imagine knowing that your adoptive dad was responsible for putting your natural mom in the slammer? She has come a long way. it also isnt right that the rules get to keep being changed after the fact as far as how often one may apply for parole. The twosome first crossed paths in 2003 when Shahi. It goes on and on. I accept that it is sometimes necessary but I believe in rehabilitation. It always feels like punishment at all costs. Contemporary family finding principles argue that a child is best nurtured by parents, then immediate family members, extended family members, spiritual family (Godparents), close friends, etc. DA Pat Horton declared early in the game to the local paper that the search for the bearded stranger was not very high on their priority list.. While that makes her technically eligible for parole at some point (in her case 2009) it does not actually mean she has an end date or a release date. View theaffidavits. Nobody near to help. Wasnt it speculative on their part? That is the way she was brought up,especially at the demand of her rigid but verydedicated father. She got an apartment and I was going to move in with her. Basically, I dont believe the site owner has produced enough proof of anything. The proverbial expression It takes two to tango applies here. They had high hopes for Dianes future and this bad boy was not part of it. It was a harrowing, shameful miscarriage of justice. If there is a fair trial and sentencing, I usually dont write about a case, but high profile cases tend to need more scrutiny because emotions run high. Fred Hugi was pretty upset when Ann Rule went Hollywood with his case. Brewer freely declared that Diane Downs would never have been convicted except that he believed the lie Jim Jagger permitted Fred Hugi to enter into the record. Children imitate their parents every move. There have many times children have had to testify against their parents so the fact that many cant believe it was ever allowed should honestly research more. She said no mother would stop at 10 at night, in the dark, with three young children, to help a Bush haired stranger. I saw that same face in Diane Downs. In hindsight Im sure the grandparents wish they had pursued visitation more aggressively. Mr. Rule defended her right to earn a living and to tell her story. Growing up, Diane had felt like an outsider and kids had been cruel towards her because of her real or imagined ugly duckling looks and demeanor. What followed was a tragedy subject to many interpretations. I dont believe there was a CK. Farrah had trouble with the law because of a passionate love affair with a movie director. And once again, considering that she was diagnosed as bipolar, did not help her cause. It gave Anne Rule carte blanche to legally use these labels in her book and it stuck. I think that the time she has served and her good behavior made her eligible for parole. On the single count of murder, the jurors needed a unanimous decision. And other inmates were released with worst backgrounds. If I included the ones I dont post, it would need more than a like or dislike button. No. Thats the point. So the prosecutor adopted the kids? While these are all good questions, (and were maybe all asked in the jury room during deliberations) I doubt the answers even matter anymore. If she did have memories of the actual shooting, that would be very rare. Hey Jace, I was not going to post your insulting comments but I decided to let the last sentence fly so that I could answer it. I remember when it was in the news. She was extremely intelligent but her emotional IQ was no match and her desire for freedom, love and affection were dangerously dragging her down a path of self-destruction. While Rules book is biased, it was a look into the view of those who wanted justice for those children, wether you agree w/ their conclusion or not, that was their goal. The authorities believed that the children's father was not a good fit to look after the children after what they had endured when their mother tried to murder them. You read a few comments. Five doctors have observed and documented this phenomenon. I followed the trial. She was found guilty. I think that the US system is barbaric (He WAS shot in the back remember). As for Diane, give me a break. Steve Howey and Sarah Shahi both grew up in the Lone Star state but their romance didn't begin until they were both acting in Los Angeles. Robert and Diane even decided toget matching rose tattoos, but as soon as the ink on her tattoo was dry, he refused to get his done. Of course, her mental health has deteriorated. It should be illegal to use real names and facts from a criminal case while influencing the publicto falselybelieve that the whole content of the filmis true. 5. In her book Heart Full of Lies, Rule took so many liberties with the facts that Liysa Northon sued her. ), years in solitary confinment Whats wrong with us?! Maybe I should have elaborated more about this comment. Do not forget that she got letters of support from a warden and psychiatrist. I recently found your website and have enjoyed it a lot. http://sputniknews.com/us/20150620/1023613662.html#ixzz3djEXlSAC // The Prison State of America Dec 28, 2014 Chris Hedges, http://www.truthdig.com/report/item/the_prison_state_of_america_20141228 My problem with the circumstances surrounding the crimes against these innocent children is that they were twisted by the media. The tape of Christie and her adoption by the prosecutor are facts. It was Judge Footes first criminal case and it was against a woman whose children he had removed from her care even though she had not been convicted or sentenced; a conflict of interest and pure madness. So they did everything in their power to slant the media and the public in their favor. Diane Downs' ex husband, Steve Downs, lost a lot in May 1983 when his ex wife shot their three children, following their divorce in 1980. Halo 4. Mr. Downs must have had a bad feeling about Jagger because before trial: speculation Ms. Downs makes every effort to avoid emotional stimuli in order to reduce the demands made on her. There was a lot of evidence pointing at OJ. So if we started judging people harshly for their flaws, it would never end. I do not have to put any statement advising people that I am about to present the neglected aspects of the trial. CMOH said 2 doses = minimal protection against infection . You cant possibly shake off all the gun powder residue and avoid all the blood. Tina, if you look at family pictures of the Downs, Christie is the eldest and this is her picture. They both would fall in love and decide they want to marry each other. You can check this link and go online to see her picture with Cheryl and the rest of the family. I can only imagine to absolute horror of Leno and Rosemary LaBianca during their horrific murders. This is also a faster route to give the children permanency, and is far cheaper for the child welfare system that is always strained by the budget. Maybe she didnt want to admit she was there for drugs, but you need a really tiny brain to worry about that in such a situation. Cathleen was murdered in Feb. 1982 in her home in Brighton. They seem to say she was like that from the very beginning so in my opinion, it should represent a mitigating circumstance instead of a longer sentence. That says it all. Is Diane really a threat anymore? This is a fascinating and informative article that has answered some questions I had, and prompted others: 1. It had nothing to do with the evidence of the case and represents useless labeling anyway. The children should have been receiving therapy throughout. We talked about Steve's love of Marvel films and we joked about the staff knowing we were on a blind date because the waitress had . The jury verdict was guilty on all counts, but there was a mixture of votes. Evidence from a ballistics expert. Brewer changed his mind. A. Hed left his first wife to co-habitate with (and later marry) Charlene. Its a fact. Hugi got the evidence needed to convict after numerous meetings with Christie. Diane described the stranger that shot them on the road and a police artist came up with a sketch. This was the prosecution and conviction of (Elizabeth) Diane Downs who has now been incarcerated for too many years in one of Californias (overcrowded) State prisons. I do have to take issue with this article about Diane Downs. No matter how horrible people think she is. Dianes automobile was secured and examined and no gun was found. Jump through the States hoops, or find a noose around your neck. It appeared rigged and the fact that Ann Rule sat in the courtroom ready to produce a Masterpiece of Guilt could only help the prosecution. Yes, I had filed for divorce and then I canceled it. Nobody had any reason for a conspiracy of this magnitude over a literal nobody. To have separated Christie from her brother and the rest of the family to be able to get her mom was unconscionable. Now if the shooter was this James Haynes guy, someone who apparently Diane Downs knew from buying drugs, then that would explain why she stopped in the middle of that road. Knicks habit of turning on and turning off their relationship was known to Diane long before he admitted it in court a year later (Appendix 81, page 1520, line 21): Q. But I am more than willing to review any new info. It can safely be presumed, other children told their parents, and that some of those parents reported the disturbing revelation to states Attorney, Prosecutor Fred Hugi. But you told Diane Downs to go ahead and get an apartment? Is. Her father passed away in October 2017 after having fought relentlessly for her release. They checked her shoes and they were clean. This article is about due process and the legal right to a fair trial for everyone. The poor jury went along and Jagger did not put much ofa defense anyway. Were they involved in the plot too?? Diane Downs is no exception. She had not fired a gun. Downs was constantly provoked by inmates because of the nature of her situation, and she never once attacked or defended herself in a violent manner. I am a firm believer of where there is smoke there is fire. We make them president. One could argue that this blog does not stick to what came out at trial. Christie was only eight, had suffered gunshot wounds and was in shock. Her three small children, Christie, 8; Cheryl, 7; and Danny, 3 . Thanks for the link. The prescribed normal dosage for a full grown man is 30 milligrams per day. There were a few calls and on one occasion,Christie said They just, they knew that, you know, that she did it and I should say that she did it. When asked if she thought her mother did it or someone else did it, she replied, I dont know if she did it or someone else did, cause I dont know. Then Angel says: They told you that was the right thing to do, huh? Christie responds, But like the person, my attorney, and thats who Fred is, that Im living with, hes the guy, he works for me.. http://www.glamour.com/story/i-found-out-my-mother-was-a-killer-the-rebecca-babcock-story. There are many cases where investigators jump to conclusions either because in their gut they think they know or pressure to make an arrestand i guess with all the attention this case got they gave their gut and the public what they wanted. And the fact that Tracy wrote in his notes that Christies reaction could have been excitement to see her mom but they decided to only mention extreme fear?

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